what do you do in London when you are unemployed?

I’m sitting in Little Venice in London, enjoying the nice warm weather, (cloudy, but nice and warm). watching the house boats pass by on the canal while searching for something to do.
I was hoping it would be easier to get a job in London, but apparently not.
many companies have unrealistic requirements or offer salaries that are so low the position will never be filled. (what graduates have CCNP, MCITP and other high certifications + 5-10 years experience and would accept a salary of £25k? )
one thing is for sure, some companies are extremely optimistic.
another thing that I see is funny is that they want degrees, any degree, no matter what it’s in..
makes me laugh when I see an ad asking for unrealistic requirements in addition to a degree of any sort, paying a salary that is so low that nobody with those requirements would even think about it.

after having lived in London for a few weeks, I have come to like the place, its a nice city.
we live at the collective, old oak now. a nice place, very social and always something happening, (worth checking if you are a young entrepreneur or young professional looking for a place to live that is social and interesting. https://www.thecollective.co.uk/coliving/old-oak
it’s not in the city centre, but still close, the bakerloo line stops 2 minutes walk away, the central line is 10 minutes walk away, there is a village there with loads of stores of various sizes from the little shop on the corner to tesco.