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Summer in London.

I’m sitting at the British museum enjoying some cool AC.
outside it’s 29 degrees today. and as London tend to be very humid, it’s quite hot being outside all day.

I’m currently trying to find something to do, but so far not much luck.
my downtime is used studying now, trying to get skilled up on web development, (full stack), I see a lot of companies looking for web developers, and offering descent salaries.
web development is also something that’s challenging  and interesting.

I did a few of those “jack the ripper walks” last week,  one was with author Russell Edwards.  His book is about how they managed to match the DNA found on a shawl found with one of the victims with her descendants and with the descendants of one of the suspects. (Aron Kosminski).
The tour was very good, he is extremely knowledgeable about the subject, and his tour is highly recommended.  the website for his tour is http://www.thejacktheripperexperience.co.uk/