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IP Expo Europe 2016

And it’s started.
This morning at, IP Expo Europe 2016 opened at the ExCeL in London.

when I arrived the halls were already filling up with knowledge hungry people from all sections of the technology world, looking to see what’s new in the world of Cyber Security.

I have to say, the amount of exhibitors was crazy, there were stands everywhere, some bigger than others, and some extremely big. (some of the big ones didn’t seem to have spent too much time planning what to do with all the space though), it was often not used at all, or filled with things that had nothing to do with promoting their company or products (or getting attention)..
The small stands were in general very good at using their space (and the floor around them).
One for a small company had a free bar on most of the stand itself, and was using the floor around to talk to people and promote their company and products.
They succeeded where so many big companies failed. their stand was small, but it got a lot more attention than the huge stand for a large company 5 meters away.

Another thing about these expos is of cause the goodie bags:)
some are very good, and some are bad. and some stands don’t have any at all.  (you can only get so many pens before you have a life long supply).
got a hold of some nice looking USB sticks I’m keeping. (might see if I can get some more of those tomorrow. 16GB USB sticks are always good to have around.)

The expo is for 2 days, so tomorrow it’s back for a few hours to catch some keynotes.


Dell goes for Norwegian fingerprint technology! 

Dell have agreed to purchase fingerprint technology from the Norwegian company NEXT Biometrics Group .
this means huge business for this company and getting a partner as big as Dell is great for the company’s publicity and shows that their technology is the best out there. Dell are not known for making compromises when it gets to quality. So time will tell how many Dell products will come with this type of fingerprint sensor.
here’s the press release from Next and here is the release to the stock exchange